For 90 years, Pressens Fællesindkøb (Procurement Association of the Danish Press) has worked to give our members in the Danish newspaper industry the best possible value and support through our joint product purchases and skilled staff.

Beginning from the First World War, when supplies to Denmark were low and goods transporting often was a dangerous mission, Pressens Fællesindkøb has solved the vital task of delivering paper and know-how to the Danish press. We are co-owned by the Danish daily newspapers and we strive to preserve and strengthen the good relationship between our many suppliers throughout the world and our members.

Through the years, the philosophy behind our organisation has remained the same: To help our members and clients in the best possible way, by cooperating and by joining purchases in order to negotiate the most favourable prices. This philosophy is clearly reflected trough the many agreements we enters. Every year we formalise contracts with some of the World’s biggest paper producers, and by joining our purchasing power we make sure that it is just a little bit cheaper to read a neawspaper in Denmark than in so many other countries.

The paper is transported from the producers to our storage facilities in Denmark by our own coaster ‘M/S Trans Dania’.

When the paper reaches Denmark it can be picked up by the members themselves, or if they wish they can leave the distribution to our competent cooperating partners. All the logistical handling from producers to our stock facility has been carefully planned, in order to be as cost-effective as possible.

Even though the main task of our organisation is to supply the Danish newspapers with paper at favourable prices through joint purchases, we offer several other products to our members. Our capable staff has a long-standing experience in the newspaper industry, and can therefore assist our members with support and know-how at the highest level.

On this website our members and business partners can read more about who we are, and what services our organisation has to offer. The website also contains detailed information about our many co-operation agreements.

Our offices are located right in the heart of Copenhagen. From here we work hard to deliver our products and knowledge to all of our members. Because as we say: we are here for our members.