Farve, kvalitet og Produktion (Ekspert seminar)

Lyt til erfaringerne fra avistrykkerier, der har investeret tid og ressourser i kvalitetsstyring og automatisering.

Color, Quality, Production Expert Seminar

18 - 19 November 2009
Darmstadt, Germany
Language(s): English; German

Learn from an expert user view into the principles of good colour, how to improve quality and the latest technological innovations that enable consistent delivery of a great printed product. During two, one-day sessions (Day One in German, Day Two in English) you will hear case studies and experts on up-to-date issues and innovative solutions for today’s needs.

DAY ONE ( in German):
Soft proofing
How far to go with pre-setting and automation
Automatic plate change
Materials testing

DAY TWO (in English):
Hybrid production
Quality management
Process Integration
How to join the Colour Quality Club

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